Thursday, May 1, 2014

Jimmy John's = Love

This is an odd day
The day before Friday
The day before a very rare Jeans Day
The day my regional manager comes in
The day we have to dress EXTRA businessy
That doesn't seem right

either way
this is what I look like
 photo 91FE48C4-9529-4974-A121-D8AF69DCEFA3_zpsgla1dxar.jpg
I don't know if I'm crazy about the blazer
It has shoulder pads
And I feel like David Byrne on the cover of that album..
Yeah. I feel fancy though...and 80's-ish

I'm trying to save money
So I brought my lunch all week
This lovely gorgeous adorable Jimmy John's boy
came to the 11th floor with free sandwiches
just because
He said he picks a random floor from different buildings
everyday and just gives out free sandwiches
They were 1/4 the size of normal JJ's but he gave us like 20
I wanted to hug him.
This makes me love that place even more
What a great company.

Going to T-Ball practice tonight!!
I really need to do some serious crafting
But I will not miss this night for the world! 
Even if I have to wear my shoulder pads all night

talk to you all soon
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