One Mom's Stumble is Another Mom's Stride

I’m Amanda Rose and I am a hard working, crafty, single mom. I'm writing for all other crafty mom's who are trying to figure out life hacks. Helping them make life easier and funner along the way.

I woke up one day wanting to do something different than the daily grind. I know I am not the only one feeling this way, I just hadn't heard of anyone else speaking up until I turned around in to the world of blogging. I have found so many inspirational people in the world and felt the need to share my little bit of wisdom like the great women I am now in awe of.

You are probably thinking, who the heck are you girly?? Well, I'm no one really but working my way to getting here. First off, I wasn't born in Texas but I got here as fast as I could. (duh dun tssst) I have a four year-old son, Nick (Nickles Pickles, Nicky P, Nicholas Pete, NickerBocker etc.) He's better than any kid ever. I work full time, craft amateurishly, avid Netflix marathoner, and Physical Therapy student, and just opened my very own Etsy Shop. (follow for more details)

With a great support system I've learned so much over the years but what no one ever tells you is how much you have to actually learn on your own. I like to call this stumbling. Because honestly, if a camera crew were following me around it would look like I were just falling all over the place.

Eventhough, I have a lot more stumbling to do before I can fill the shoes of any of the great women I follow, I want to share my discovery with anyone else that feels like they are stumbling around aimlessly.
Feel free to email, instagram, comment, or facebook me about anything and everything!

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