Monday, October 27, 2014

Busiest Part of the Year

I guess that's usually how it is. The first part of the year is pretty uneventful save for the few holiday vacations here and there. It seems like the end of the year is just overwhelming with plans and occasions. For me at least.

Kicked off with Halloween in only a few days, Nicks costume is still merely an idea. I know exactly what he's going to be I just haven't gotten it yet...terrible mother I know. My costume on the other hand is good to go. As for the other half of my politically incorrect couples costume is still in progress as well. It's so funny but I fear too wrong to share with the world. I'm not cool enough for hate mail so lets just avoid that.
The week after is going to be Nick's birthday party which we decided on last minute. And if any mom's out that are reading, you all know how stressful kid's parties are to plan even with ample amounts of time in advance. I'll be sending out invites to his class tomorrow, which means I need to buy them today...which means I need to decide NOW where we're actually having the party. Lord, help me.
Somewhere within that mess will be my 23rd birthday. Not sure what the boyfriend is planning there. I should probably poke and prod in case he has forgotten...speaking of boyfriend I am still so amazed by him, in the most humble way. There aren't crazy unbelievable moments that hit me that makes me love him its just the everyday simple comforts that I cannot get enough of. Sometimes I think it may be a bad thing that I don't feel the passion I felt with Chris but then I realize I enjoy this so much more. In the middle of conversation about something so insignificant I am so happy. Already I feel like I have an amazing life with him and all of the practicality of actually making that happen with him is so exciting. After finding our dream apartment and discussing the finances of it I got way too excited when he said "joint checking account"!!! How lame and how romantic that sounded to me!

I found an article on Facebook nonetheless, but a great article.
Why I Hope My Ex Was A Once-In-A-Lifetime Kind of Love
This could not have been a more perfect thing for me to read at this point in my life and it sums everything up so perfectly. I don't want to feel that lethal passion for anyone ever again. It was an experience and I am glad I had it because it felt so good and so horrible all at the same time. Mark will never make me feel that way and I think that's what mature love is. He is my husband material and I am way too excited to start the rest of our lives together so much sooner than we even realize.

Thanksgiving will be spent with my family. My gringo boyfriend will get to experience the crazy barrio of El Paso. He will be the first boyfriend I have ever brought to one of the most important places in my life. We plan on basically eating the entire time and watching football. Also, showing him how Mexican I really am that of which cannot be seen on the outside.
Christmas will be spent in Santa Fe meeting his family. For an entire week. AN ENTIRE WEEK LONG VACATION I'm in heaven. We will also be eating the entire time while we are there as well.
Then in January my lease will be up. This month will consist of packing and preparing to move into our new apartment hopefully the first of February. Words cannot express how excited I am about this two bedroom paradise. This means Mark won't have to sleep on the couch any more and his things will have their very own permanent place next to mine. Also mentioned above the joint checking account *swoon*
We found this baby this past weekend in THE best school district with THE best location surrounded by all our favorite restaurants and a grocery store right across the street. It is equipped with the most glorious gym which we both need after the last few months of late night Taco Bell that we both enjoy way too much to admit. I have already virtually decorated it too...Mark thinks I'm ridiculous but has no objections to the designs. Whatcha think?

I still cannot believe how much better my life is today compared to a year ago. At least once a day I think of what I would be doing if things hadn't changed and I am so relieved. Nothing is forced everything is so easy and it has all been done mutually. We both understand where each other is heading and are making sure that we are doing those things along side one another. That is a phrase I would have never been able to say confidently with Chris. And I thank God everyday for putting me through what He did.

I hope everyone has as good of a week as I will!
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