Monday, May 5, 2014

Cherish Old Friends

 photo 629A5D81-AB18-46C8-976A-EE8B56EDE03C_zpshceos4my.jpg
This was my Friday attire.
I don't know why it took me so long
to own a piece of leopard print clothing.
And I love it.

Things have begun to rise here in Texas.
The weather, obviously.
Spirits. Optimism. Friendships.

I was so lucky to get to meet with an old friend again
Once you go through a traumatic situation
you start to feel alone after
alienating everyone you used to know.
On an off chance I happened to see a message from months ago
At a time when I thought everyone had forgotten about me
They reached out.
There is no better feeling than catching up with someone
who used to be such a huge part of your life once
I was even invited to a bachelor party.
That's how much I was missed.
And how much I missed them.
I nearly cried when I got to see all of my old work friends.

It was such a bittersweet thing.
While I was overjoyed at getting to hangout with these people again
I couldn't help but wonder
what I had missed these past two years.
And the stories I could have had
instead of the stories I do have.

But I realized that night,
that true friends are willing to invite you to their wedding
after two years of your disappearance.
They take you GoKart riding
laugh at you for wearing a skirt to said GoKart track.
Shut down a bar with you.
Buy you Waffle House at 3 a.m.
and drive you home like gentlemen should.

I cannot wait for this wedding.
So many more people that I haven't seen in years.
It's a good feeling looking forward to things again.

Like Nick's first T-Ball game.
Mother's Day.
My first week solo at my new job.
Lovin life and all the warmth.
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