Lil Local Lovin'

Websites/ Restaurants/Places that I love to go that I am going to publicly advertise and recommend.
This is something I need to do more with all of the local places that I go.
So please check them out. Let them know I sent you and let me know you went!!
1. The first and most important on this list.
Now, just because my brother is the bartender doesn't mean I am totally biased. This place is amazing. If you are ever in the Fort Worth area, please go eat at Mijo's Fusion. Foodwise: My favorite are the Waikiki Shrimp Tacos, the Ribeye Enchiladas are out of this world. The Tuna Tower is great to start off with or if you just want something cool and light. They also have lot's of Vegetarian Dishes as well! So now one feels left out! Magnolia St is amazing, I want to go to all of the bars and restaurants on this street.

But go to Mijo's first!
2. I have been following this lady on Instagram for a looooong time.
I have not yet bought anything from her website (because I'm broke?)
But I plan to have everything I own monogrammed, and it will all be by her.

HTML tutorial
3. I much prefer diner style burgers over gourmet burgers any day.
This place was a little hidden but so worth the little search.
Literally right around the corner from Montgomery Plaza in Fort Worth.
The owner, Danny, total bad ass. Nicest man made us feel right at home.
The minute I took one bite, I knew I had to tell everyone about it.
I literally wrote my Yelp review at the table. (follow my link on the right)
I recommend you get the Blue Cow Burger (blue cheese bacon goodness)
Or the Tijuana Burger (slightly spicy, but I'm a wimp. Poblano peppers and guacamole)
and of course with Sweet Potato Fries.

4. Another Magnolia St. gem! I have been dying to go to this place for the name alone! And finally got to go on Valentine's Day. I didn't get a chance to try any of the food...because their beer is so good I drank too much of it! Seriously cool place that used to be a house! I literally had a drink at what probably used to be the old fireplace. They have really nice open patio, that I will experience one day with less alcohol in my system. Everyone come try this place out! I'll post better pics in the blog once I go back. Because the pictures I took this night were terrible...drunkenly terrible. But this picture takes you to their Yelp page where you can hear more "sober" reviews on the place and food.

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