Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My New Thing and a DIY $4.00 Calendar!

Since this is my blog
And I can kinda do whatever I want
I decided to indulge my conceitedness
And post pictures of my outfits
As much as humanly possible
Because I was graced with an office
that has a floor length mirror
you're welcome.
 photo 55B2E698-F92E-4040-9D55-7F7DF318D35E_zpsic2oczrw.jpg
 photo 6D2BAF6F-989A-467D-9F3A-0937C6C15504_zpsbbzsfwao.jpg
Also, that's my lovely closet.
I don't know why
But I feel better getting dressed
when my closet is color coordinated.

For my DIY of the day
I shall show you my new desk piece
and my plans for the home version
 photo calendar_zps21b36149.jpg
This is a pretty self explanitory project.
One stop shop at Walmart, if you dare enter.

Free - Paint swatches. In ANY color you wish. 
Make sure your demensions are 7x7
That way you have enough room for 
every day in every month
$4.00 - the frame. 
also a Walmart blessing.
Its a clear setting with removable frame

So just remove the frame. 
Take apart the glass
Place your swatches however you desire
Put it all back together

I also bought dry erase markers
But the Vis-a-Vis markers show up alot better
I get those fo free at my place of business.

I went to Home Depot and grabbed a lot more swatches
They're bigger and there's more of a selection there
I got SEVEN shades of yellow
and am planning to do a bigger version
for the 'partment.
Nick gets angry when I tell him where he's going that day
to School or to Mimi's
So, as my mom put it
"I'm going to color coordinate his anguish"
This will just make it funner.
more to come.

Let me know what you think!!

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