Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The "Cost Me Nothing" Craft- End Table

I mean it.
This cost me nothing.

I've been dying to do a crate craft for months
But couldn't justify spending $10+ a crate

And then one day we went to Houston
And after years of my grandmother/packrat
trying to send us home with random things and unwanted food
She had multiple raw wood wine crates she had gotten from Sam's
I was in heaven.
Along with that she made us take home alot of other things
I didn't necessarily want but will find use for eventually.

My dad was in town this weekend
It was so refreshing to have someone around
who shares my love and vision for crafting.
My mom just thinks I need to just buy it
and not waste time and energy because
"it's not going to look as good"
The negativity I surround myself with is astounding.
But Dad was just as psyched as I was.

I cleaned out the crates and sanded them
started staining with a Mahogany stain
we already had in the garage
I had in mind to use two of them
stacked as an end table for my couch
Something to hold blankets or decor.

I sealed them with a satin  polyurethane
that I had left over from my coffee table project

I loved being able to bounce ideas off my dad
It was his idea to screw them together
instead of wood glue like I had planned
also already on hand in the garage

I was so excited about this project that I forgot to take before pictures.
(worst blogger ever over here)
But I do have another unfinished crate
that I will take a picture of just to show you 
what the wood looked like before

thanks Dad :)

Let me know what you think
Or send me links to your projects too

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