Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Day of DIY's

Today was packing day.
Successfully got everything worth taking in boxes,
I'm only moving down the street so not too stressed about leaving things behind.
The biggest chore of packing was my clothes...I have SOO much.
Took up one whole box while all the other had multiple things in them LOL
My mom thought I should get rid of some...but that just can't happen.
It should only take a day to move it all in and a day to unpack.

I did a few projects for the place today too.
First was to fix my color mistake on the file cabinet that I got for $10 at Goodwill.
Sanded and spray painted gray...only to realize my bed spread is taupe.
Today was round two of painting that thing.
Which was good because I've had my first run in with a product that I will never use again, so listen up

 photo 81AA128C-2C22-45A8-8EE7-39E39AA74FB9_zpsnk4zyecz.jpg
These are the colors of the cabinet now.
On the right is Krylon ColorMaster, which I originally painted the entire cabinet in gray (wrong color)
I hated this spray paint for many reasons.
  • The spray nozzle was so tiny I had to wear plastic gloves other wise my hand would have been covered in paint.
  • It spotted like crazy. It did not spray on evenly and kept dripping no matter how much I shook or how far away I sprayed from the cabinet.
I did the drawers in this color yellow, the spotting wasnt quite as bad so I left them alone.
Today, I bought the Dark Taupe color of the Rust-Oleum Satin finish.
I've used Rust-Oleum before and don't know why I didn't begin with this in the first place.
  • Spray nozzle is much bigger and has this "any angle" spray.
  • I still used a glove just incase and hardly got any paint on it. Goal.
  • No dripping or spotting what so ever
Here's my finished product. Somewhat similar to the original color of the cabinet but I have it in mind to do a chevron pattern in high gloss once this is dried. I will definitely let you know when it is done.
 photo 2A70C1B6-0B5A-4E65-9637-3C5E4E8582CC_zpsasxqbcuf.jpg
UPDATE 1/29/14
I have finished the file cabinet!!
Hopefully, you can see where I stenciled the high gloss coat over the satin taupe color.
Only use Rustoleum Spray paint. It's totally worth it.

I also have picture of my AMAZING coffee table.
$15 at the same Goodwill.
Stripped and stained with Ebony and a satin polyurethane, before & after!!
Best $15 ever spent!! So happy with it. There wee water mark stains and big scuffs in it that are completely non-existant now.
Best part is, I did it all by my self. Mom didn't help one bit which was a relief!

I was so crafty today. I didn't want to stop! I even polished some silver frames and a dish we got that day too. My apartment is gonna be the cutest.

And since I am sure you all were wondering
 photo A1969E5C-2D89-4280-BBC1-913193066F32_zpsmtjt577x.jpg
My working outfit.
(Andy bought me at the mall yesterday)
The Pacsun in the mall was having a Blue Dot Special...
Buy One Get TWO Free. 
Brother hooked his broke sister up.
I told him this shirt would be my sole motivation on going to the gym...and he laughed at me. 
He'll see.

Hope you guys take my advice on the DIY! 
Let me know what you think :)

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